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Kelley Country Creamery

A "must see" farmstead ice cream shop where the ice cream is processed with milk right from the Kelley family farm. Karen Kelley, the family creamsmith, will delight you with familiar AND unique flavors. You'll find all time traditional favorites like Whitewash Vanilla, Udderly Comforting Chocolate and Leo's Butter Pecan. Be adventurous and try a one-of-a-kind flavor like Karen's Crazy Cake, Maple Bacon or Slow Moving Vehicle (Turtle). Select one of several signature sundaes such as the Farmers Wife sundae. Come and sample any tantalizing flavor as Kelley Country Creamery offers over 300 seasonal and specialty flavors. Members of the Kelley family will give you a warm welcome and you'll feel right at home when you have a seat in a high-back rocker, savor your ice cream, and gaze down at the cattle grazing in their green pastures. You won't get an ice cream experience like this anywhere else. . . it truly is a memory maker. Voted best ice cream in America by Good Morning America in July of 2013!