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SylvanDale LLC

Owned and operated by Matt & Kim Dale, SylvanDale is a historic farmstead located in the Round Lake Flats east of Hayward which dates back to the late 1800's. Constructed of ancient cedar, fir, aspen and yellow pine; the Swedish style barn's aged and weathered exterior exhibits the character of over 100 yrs of work, storms and exposure. The renovation started as a labor of love for Matt & Kim's wedding in 2015. The south side of the barn was grown over and an age old concrete floor and foundation was found buried under 6 inches of soil which later became a beautiful courtyard and garden complete with chicken and cat prints enshrined in the mossy and pitted concrete. In 2016 Matt & Kim decided they wanted to share their beautiful barn and work to restore and preserve it for future generations. The milkhouse and barn were further renovated to provide 3000 sq. ft. of interior space featuring a balcony, loft, dining hall, stage, bar and dance floor. The barn and courtyard are enclosed in old wind swept Boxelder trees that provide privacy and shade in a sylvan setting. The surrounding fields provide vistas of hayfields leading to wooded edges. Beautiful sunrises and sunsets are common with the open spaces surrounding the property. Sylvan Dale Wedding & Event Barn Hayward WI Our commitment to sustainability combined with local food, and local entertainment is key to our mission at SylvanDale Rustic Barn. We encourage you to make the most of what the farm has to offer: Nearby bicycle and kayak rentals, CAMBA biking and hiking trails and opportunities to interact with a farm. Our staff is here to help make your event at our Rustic Barn a memorable and enjoyable one.